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Ce Transparent Protective Full Face Shield Mask with Sponge
    • Ce Transparent Protective Full Face Shield Mask with Sponge
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Product description:

1. High quality PET film, high transparency, double-sided anti-fog, anti-scratch, super acid and alkali resistance;
2, The structure is reasonable, suitable for all kinds of head workers, can directly cover myopia glasses, convenient work;
3. This product can effectively avoid the infection of bacteria;
4, Light weight, ergonomic design, built-in soft pad for reducing the pressure of the cap body on the forehead, comfortable to wear, no pressure;
5. Good anti-fog performance. PET protective film can dissipate fog faster than ordinary diaphragm.
6, Wearing solid and reliable, bending, bow will not feel inconvenience;
7, The protection area is large, the effect is good, the protection range can reach the whole face, because of its economic benefits, cost-effective features, deeply loved by the majority of users.


(1) The product has a crystal clear and beautiful appearance;
(2) The gas is highly conservative;
(3) Hygiene does not contain any other harmful elements because it does not contain any stabilizers and plasticizers;
(4) Good quality is toughness and extension;
(5) After combustion, no toxin gas is discharged, and the waste is easy to handle, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Material Characteristic:

(1) High transparency and good gloss.
(2) Strong self-adhesion and excellent barrier resistance.
(3) No whitish stress, folding resistance.
(4) Good chemical stability, not easy to corrode.
(5) Low temperature embrittlement resistance.

Performance parameters:

Density1.38g / cm3
Oxygen permeability4-4.5cm * mm / (m * 24h * 0.1mpa)
Tensile Strength    Vertical 53MPA
Moisture permeability ≈3G * mm / (M * 24H)horizontal 53MPA
Elongation at breakVertical 250% Horizontal 250%
Heated dimensional changeVertical≤5% Horizontal≤5%


Workshop video:

Thickness can be 0.18mm to 1mm, color stability and quality assurance! Has many years of experience. It can be formed by blister on about 15cm.

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