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Application And Performance Testing Of Industrial Pressed Wool Felt

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The industrial pressed wool felt has the functions of filtering, polishing, sealing, liner, insulation, shockproof, oil absorption, oil protection, heat preservation, heat insulation, and sound insulation.

Application And Performance Testing Of Industrial Pressed Wool Felt

Widely used in machinery, military industry, metallurgy, mining, forestry, textile, leather, printing, electromechanical, communications, instruments and meters, medical equipment, transportation, aviation, ships, electronics, electrical appliances, piano, musical instruments, mirror and stainless steel polishing and other flat polishing applications.

1. Characteristics of industrial pressed wool felt :

Industrial pressed wool felts are made of natural wool. They are machined and bonded (non-weft and longitude interwoven) by utilizing the shrinkage characteristics of wool. The main characteristics are as follows:

Elastic, can be used as a shockproof, sealing, liner and elastic steel wire clothing felt material.

Good adhesion, not easy to lose, can be punched into various shapes of parts.

It can be used as thermal insulation material because of its good thermal insulation performance.

Tight tissue and small pore can be used as a good filter material.

It has good wear resistance and can be used as polishing material.

2. Purpose of industrial pressed wool felt:

Industrial pressed wool felt is widely used in metallurgy, mine power generation, machinery manufacturing, light industry, and heavy industry. Civil felt is widely used in padding, thermal insulation, and other industries.

3. Notes of industrial pressed wool felt:

1). The density unit of industrial pressed wool felt is (g/cubic centimeter). Excessive density will lose elasticity, too low density will lose wear resistance. Thickness and thickness of wool also have different effects on its performance. Users can choose or inform the user appropriately according to the use requirements, in order to avoid affecting the use.

2). At present, there are three kinds of industrial pressed wool felt: special industrial pressed wool felt and ordinary industrial pressed wool felt. The difference is divided according to the thickness, density, and color of the wool; the technical requirements are divided according to the strength, elongation and capillary action, and the users can choose according to their needs. When inspecting goods, we can use this standard to inspect. According to the national regulations, our products can be divided into the following series for users to choose: T112112 122132 142.

4. Code description of felt of industrial pressed wool felt:

1). The technical standard number of industrial pressed wool felt consists of five digits. The first digit represents the product color; the second digit represents the raw material category; the third digit represents the variety specification, and the fourth and fifth digits represent the product density. T stands for special felt. For example, T112-41 refers to the special white fine wool felt with a density of 0.41 g/cubic centimeter 122-32, i.e. white semi-coarse wool felt with a density of 0.32 g/cubic centimeter T112-32-44, i.e. the ultra-fine white wool felt with a density of 0.32 g/cubic centimeter to 0.44 g/cubic centimeter T112-418 mm*1000mm, i.e. the white fine wool felt with a density of 0.32 g/cubic centimeter T112-418 mm*1000mm. Block, density 0.41 g/cubic centimeter, thickness 8 mm, length and width 1000 mm.

2). When ordering, only the number, thickness and area are required. When ordering felting wheel and felting parts, the number can be put forward according to the standard, and the drawing data of the parts can be provided at the same time. If special type felt products have special requirements for technical specifications, they can be decided through consultation between the two parties when ordering.

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