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The sound insulation effect of automobiles can be achieved by industrial pressed wool felt pressing

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Industrial pressed wool felt is used for many purposes, industrial pressed wool felt manufacturer Pan-Asia introduced, with industrial pressed wool felt can achieve the effect of automotive sound insulation, how to do? Let's take a look at the following introduction.

industrial pressed wool felt

First, stick sound-absorbing cotton on the hood and firewall. Optional fire or non-fire, when the engine room is not hot, use filling spray, paste it well. If you want to achieve better sound insulation, you can also use sound-absorbing cotton or sound-absorbing shock pad on the engine room firewall. The method is to cut the sound-absorbing cotton or shock pad into a small piece (because the pipeline on the engine room firewall is dense, so it needs to be cut into a small piece or the size of the felt ring). It depends on the actual situation of the car, that is, to complete the engine room sound insulation can effectively suppress the engine sound wave into the car. In addition, sound insulation strips can be affixed indoors and joints. Cotton sliver, rubber tape and industrial pressed wool felt are all feasible, mainly to effectively suppress wind shear and some noise from outside the car. If in this process, encounter the door handle and other need to screw disassembly place, the owner can also do it by himself, the project is not difficult just need a little skill and careful but similar to the roof ceiling and indoor chassis sound insulation work, because the steps are cumbersome, disassembly and assembly complex, or suggest the owner to professional car sound beauty. Indian for installation. So the skillful use of industrial pressed wool felt is very important.

The above is about the effect of automotive sound insulation with industrial pressed wool felt. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading. If you have any other questions about industrial pressed wool felt, you can contact us if you want to consult.

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