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Changzhou FanYaHe hong plastic co., LTD. Was established in May 2006, after more than 10 years in insulation, shockproof, sound insulation and explore in the field of sports leisure products and packaging materials development, so far, the company's technology and management level has set up a file in the same industry leading position, have professional large processing machine more than 10 Taiwan, dozens of small processing machines. Have professional and technical personnel 10 people, all kinds of production personnel more than 50 people, products not only supply large domestic air conditioning, and automobile manufacturers, but also exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries. The company passed ISO9000 certification of quality system. The company's quality policy: "do things seriously and do things right; Do things carefully, do things well, and customers decide everything. The company environmental and occupational health and safety policy is: "green production, health safety, sustainable improvement, harmonious development"

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